VitaHair Man from hair loss: thick hair without salon procedures!

VitaHair Man from hair loss: thick hair without salon procedures!

The active ingredients of VitaHairMan provide your body with essential microelements, which stimulate new hair growth and inhibit excessive hair loss, including alopecia.

  • Strengthening and nutrition of hair follicles
  • Growth stimulation of new hair
  • Maintaining intense hair colour
  • Regeneration and hydration
  • Natural and safe composition

Highly effective supplement for hair growth, dedicated to men

VitaHair Man from hair loss: thick hair without salon procedures!

There are hundreds of similar products on the market, which guarantee spectacular results regarding hair growth and preventing excessive hair loss. However, is it really worth to trust them? To be absolutely certain about a product’s effectiveness, you should consult a specialist first.

Hair loss is a natural process, but it’s quite inconvenient. Especially, when you struggle with excessive hair loss and alopecia. This problem mainly concerns men. In most cases, those people suffer from androgenic alopecia which is caused by testosterone production, more specifically dihydrotestosterone. It causes follicles to create thinner and weaker hair. Eventually, the process is disrupted and only single short hair grow that lack colour pigments. Stress and bad diet also significantly affect hair loss.

Many of my patients are ready to take very drastic steps, e.g. hair transplant. Personally, before doing so, I recommend the supplementation of essential microelements, which stimulate hair growth on the scalp. It is a completely safe and effective method. Keep in mind that the best products contain purely natural ingredients, which does not cause any side effects. I always recommend products that are rich in biotin, selenium, collagen as well as hyaluronic acid.

VitaHairMan is a solution to your hair problems!

VitaHair Man from hair loss: thick hair without salon procedures!

  1. Marine fish skin collagen
    Collagen – it is responsible for good hair looks. Adds them volume and elasticity. Helps them grow healthy. More importantly, proper collagen doses prevent hair loss and improve hair volume. Fish collagen is definitely the best collagen type. Why? Because it has a similar structure to human collagen and it is absorbed well by our bodies.
  2. Vitamin C
    Vitamin C – is essential to scalp skin and proper collagen production. It takes care of blood vessels and blood flow, providing more nutrients to hair bulbs. Thanks to this hair grow stronger and healthy.
  3. Keratin
    Keratin – is the main hair building element. The proper level of keratin makes hair healthy, shiny, damage-resistant, smooth and well-hydrated.
  4. Vitamin E
    Vitamin E – enhances skin blood circulation and expands blood vessels, which improve the nourishing and oxygenation of hair follicles. What is more, it hydrates hair as well as skin and regulates sebaceous glands activity. Vitamin E regenerates hair, making them healthy and shiny.
  5. Zinc
    Zinc – its deficiency causes hair loss. Proper zinc level is responsible for creating keratin, vitamin absorption and regulating sebaceous glands activity. Zinc positively affects hair growth and strengthens them. Helps maintain healthy hair, skin and nails.
  6. Selenium
    Selenium – makes hair well-hydrated, resilient and elastic. Its deficiency makes hair weaker, brittle and fall out faster.
  7. Biotin
    Biotin – one of the most important ingredients for hair. Biotin contains sulphur particles that are delivered to the hair matrix. This way it affects hair growth through the keratinization process. Biotin also accelerates hair growth, its deficiency causes greater hair loss.

How does VitaHairMan work?

I have just recently started using VitaHairMan. What is interesting, I already see a significant difference. My hair no longer falls out so easily and I really see that new hair start to grow. Honestly, even my barber noticed the difference which I now see every day in the mirror. Thank you for creating such a cheap and effective product. I highly recommend it!

Francis (35 years old, Dublin)

Despite my young age I noticed the first signs of receding hairline. My girlfriend bought me VitaHairMan for my birthday. I am enormously grateful to her for that. My hair grew back and remain in good condition. I am doing all I can to not go fully bald. Good looks are important to me. What is interesting, even my beard looks better now.

Conrad (27 years old, Miami)

I suffer from constant stress because of my job. My hair started to fall out years ago… I was convinced that it was the fault of my genes – my father was completely bald. I was ashamed of my looks, it was very unprofessional… Also, my wife fancied me more with my hair. I was so desperate that I even thought about a toupee or a hair transplant… everything was better than a bald head. I have never imagined that it is a matter of a proper diet and good supplementation. Now I feel manly and my self-confidence has greatly increased.

Jon (46 years old, Wroclaw)


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