Serious Skincare from wrinkles: will give you beauty and youth!

Serious Skincare from wrinkles: will give you beauty and youth!

An injection was FDA-approved on April 15th, 2002. That’s only 19 years ago. We still don’t know all the side effects of long-term use of this injection. But women who get these injections regularly will tell you, it makes visible aging worse. It really can’t be avoided either.


Just like any muscle in your body…

Serious Skincare from wrinkles: will give you beauty and youth!

Your facial muscles need exercise to maintain a plump, tight, smooth complexion. That’s the essence of a youthful appearance… having a bright, volumized, dewy appearance. But in “exercising,” your facial muscles, you get those pesky expression wrinkles, like Crow’s Feet and Smile Lines.

That’s why millions of women are commonly getting 3-4 injections every year, sometimes starting in their teens.

The problem is…

In freezing your facial muscles, they lose strength… and atrophy. When that happens, your skin and tissues quickly fall prey to gravity (more than Mother Nature intended.)

The longer you use this injection, the more your facial muscles will droop and sag… dramatically accelerating visible aging. Unfortunately, these unadvertised user warnings aren’t stopping women from getting regular injections, fillers and going under the knife.


In 2020 alone…

Serious Skincare from wrinkles: will give you beauty and youth!

13.3 million people got cosmetic work done. The cosmetic industry brought in over 483 billion dollars in 2020. That’s a lot of people who take their appearance… seriously. I recently had the chance to interview Jennifer Stallone – founder of Serious Skincare, mother of 3 daughters and wife to Sylvester Stallone.

For over 25 years…

Serious Skincare was the #1 brand on the Home Shopping Network. “I got to reach women on their TVs for two decades and talk about their skincare. This isn’t just a business for me, science-based, natural skincare is my passion.”


Last year, Jennifer left the popular TV network to expand the reach of her scientific Skincare. She talked about empathizing with how frustrating it is when you buy skincare products, expecting results, but only getting disappointment.


Trisha M.

This product will not only extend your makeup to long wear, but also gives a flawless finish while tightening, I’ve used this product for several years & keep a back on hand as I don’t ever want to run out. The four tube set is a best buy. Only use a small amount for best results.

Therese P.

It’s not the cure but it’s a good band aid! I highly recommend it! Buy one and give one to a friend…that’s how I first came across it!

Vicky D.

I love Insta-Tox cream. It really works to hide the bags under my eyes. It works so well that people say I look more rested. The positive comments are great.

Vanessa S.

I’ve been using Insta-Tox for many years. It does help decrease the wrinkles when it is applied. Use it sparingly. It does leave a white residue if you use too much. It was delivered promptly and packaged securely since ordering from Amazon.


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