Omega 3‑7‑9: this australian cooking oil that’s 10x more powerful than fish oil

Omega 3‑7‑9: this australian cooking oil that’s 10x more powerful than fish oil

RESTORE YOUR JOINTS, MEMORY, AND EVEN YOUR FAT‑BURNING METABOLISM… Not to mention, starting your morning with a spoonful of this oil also fights inflammation in order to…

  • Rejuvenate your aging skin
  • Clear your blurry vision
  • Aid your heart health, and…
  • Pump you full of ‘good mood energy’ each morning.

If you have low Omega‑3 levels in the morning, it triggers problems all day:

    Pain in your fingers, back, hips, or knees, so it’s a monumental task just to get out of the house, or to do simple tasks like holding a pen, or even changing the channel on the remote…
    Like getting sidetracked when telling a story, or forgetting why you walked into a room, or feeling like technology is leaving you
    That gathers fat around your belly, butt, and thighs, and then refuses to lose it no matter how healthy you eat or how much exhausting exercise you do.

If you want day-to-day relief, you MUST raise your Omega‑3 levels.

Omega 3‑7‑9: this australian cooking oil that’s 10x more powerful than fish oil


All so you can finally see the results you deserve:

  • Your mind is so quick and clear, you can instantly remember names and faces.
  • Your joints glide smooth as butter, without aches or pains, restoring your freedom to sit, stand, write, or even go hiking!
  • Your metabolism kicks back into gear, so you can eat heartily like when you were younger, without gaining weight.
  • Fortifying your strong and healthy heart, until you shock your doctor with your blood pressure and cholesterol results…
  • Restore younger, more elastic skin, with fewer wrinkles or age spots, so you look 10 years younger, and…
  • Wake up each morning with “good mood energy” that lasts all day, letting you enjoy your best life, and spread joy to everyone around you.

Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill is unlike any Omega supplement available today
Obviously, regular Omega‑3 supplements simply won’t work. There are other supplements that offer Krill Oil, but none that offer the precise ratio of Omega‑7 and Omega‑9.

How do I know Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill will work for me?

We started this conversation by looking at the medical study from the University of Cincinnati Medical Center that showed that low Omega‑3 levels in the morning led to problems all day. And we’ve looked at dozens of other medical studies, each showing how Omega‑3s combined with their Companion Nutrients help with those problems.

The patients in those studies were men and women over 40. And most of our current customers for Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill are the same. If you fit in that category, I feel confident in saying that these ingredients will also work for you.

Is Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill safe?

Each of the ingredients is tested for purity and to ensure against toxins and contaminants.


We also focus on using natural ingredients, which your body already knows how to use, and which gently, naturally support your health.


We still recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting any new health program, including taking Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill.

Omega 3‑7‑9: this australian cooking oil that’s 10x more powerful than fish oil

Is Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill a replacement for any sort of medicine?

No. While Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill supports your health in a variety of ways, it does not treat any disease, and does not replace any medicines you might be taking. If your doctor currently has you on any treatment plan, don’t stop that plan unless he tells you.

Use Omega 3‑7‑9 + Krill to replace Fish Oil or other Omega‑3 supplements, and to support your whole-body health, but always follow your doctor’s advice on any health issue.

Customer opinions

“When I wake up, I’m usually groggy and sleepy. It takes me a long time to focus and function. But with Omega 3-7-9 + Krill, I’ve felt more awake and alert – even before my first cup of coffee! I’m also more clearheaded.”

Miranda Glaeser

“I had a hard time getting up in the morning. I wasn’t energized and had some injuries from the military that messed up my joints. But with Omega 3-7-9 + Krill, my overall mood has improved, my energy levels increased, and getting out of bed in the morning is easier. I can honestly say that this has made a good change in my life.”

Justin Mercado

“I tried Fish Oil for my stiff fingers, but it never worked. I tried to just ‘suck it up’ and deal with the pain, but it hurt so much! Was I really supposed to deal with that the rest of my life?

I thank God I found Omega 3-7-9 + Krill. Regular Fish Oil did nothing… but Dr. Ryan’s supplement made all the difference! I won’t claim it’s a miracle cure, but my fingers hurt so much less than they used to… and less often! And it’s getting better every week. Last Christmas, I even cross-stitched my sister a pillowcase, and my old joints did just fine!”


“I definitely can feel a difference in my joints. They don’t feel the crepitus or a lack of joint movement or inflammation I’ve been noticing. It’s definitely been helping the stiffness.”

Robert Reitman


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