Black latte for weight loss: help your body shed the extra pounds!

Black latte for weight loss: help your body shed the extra pounds!

Black Latte is the MOST DELICIOUS way to lose weight

  • Absorbs fat – transforming into energy
  • Removes the body’s waste and toxins
  • Suppresses appetite – boosts energy
  • Removes body’s excess liquid
  • Produces dopamine – the happiness-hormone


American scientists have finally found a simple and convenient way to lose weight without lifestyle changes. They developed a formula for the Black Latte drink , flavored like well-known latte yet containing ingredients (coffee powder, maltodextrin, soy protein isolate, oat fiber) which actively absorbs and breaks down fat, removing the body’s toxins. Excess weight goes – while breast size is retained. Black Latte accelerates metabolism and suppresses appetite, which facilitates the gradual losing of pounds every week without the need for extra physical exercise or boring diet.

Black latte for weight loss: help your body shed the extra pounds!


High quality composition allows you to lose weight quickly and safely!

  1. COFFEE POWDER. Blocks absorption of 80% of fat from food and its accumulation in the body; provides the safe breakdown, processing and removal of old fat deposits and toxic substances.
  2. MALTODEXTRIN. Stimulates faster metabolism. Launches ‘self-cleansing’ of body – active processing of old fat deposits on sides and belly.
  3. SOY PROTEIN ISOLATE. Breaks down and removes excess subcutaneous fat and signs of cellulitis; fights skin sag and helps achieve fit body after major weight loss.
  4. OAT FIBER. Increases leptin – the hormone responsible for the speed of fat breakdown. We cannot produce Omega-3 naturally, so we must receive externally.

How to take Black Latte?

  1. Add a spoonful of Black Latte to a glass or cup of hot water
  2. Take 1 serving daily. For maximal assimilation, it is recommended to take the drink during breakfast.
  3. Recommended duration – 1-3 months


  • Day 1. You’ll wake up at dawn feeling refreshed and rested
  • Day 5. Your body operates in slimming mode – you’re starting to lose fat
  • Day 10. You’re cheerful, a few pounds lighter – you can wear 1-size smaller clothes
  • Day 21. Your body is rejuvenated, weight is reduced, and extra pounds are shed
  • Day 28. You’ve lost a lot of weight, you can wear sexy slim-fit clothes – everyone is crazy about you!

Black latte for weight loss: help your body shed the extra pounds!


  • Volume reduction by 4 – 6 inches – 91%
  • Weight loss 17-35 pounds – 99%
  • No heartburn or tummy heaviness – 100%
  • Better sleep and increased job performance – 97%
  • Reduced edema and cellulite – 94%


I’m only 30, but until recently weighed almost 180 pounds :( I also had stomach problems, so I couldn’t diet. It’s hard to find useful dietary products in our small town. I’ve never liked sport or exercising. But everything changed when I learnt about Black Latte – a soluble drink which tastes like my favourite latte. As well as taking twice daily, the manufacturer also recommends drinking about 3 pints of water a day. For one month I followed all the instructions and my expectations were fulfilled – really incredible! Then I had to buy a completely new slim-fit wardrobe – and most importantly I got a handsome new boyfriend! Flowers, dates, moonlit walks! Wow – more than I ever imagined! I’m considering taking another course – and then repeat to improve and retain the results.


After my third child, I simply couldn’t get back in shape – tell-tale saggy belly and fat legs. I was upset but couldn’t really do anything about it – as a mother I didn’t have much free time…Dieting didn’t come easy either as I’m allergic to almost everything! And I’m still breastfeeding. So, it’s not so easy to choose proper nutrition. My neighbor told me that her nephew lost weight after childbirth by using Black Latte. The instructions said that this miraculous drink should remove my excess fat in just a month. Frankly I didn’t believe it – how could that be possible? One cup daily, no effort, and you just lose weight?! Anyway, I checked its composition – everything natural – and read users’ reviews. I decided it wouldn’t do any harm to try….after just a week I started feeling the first changes. I gained energy and my sleep improved. After two weeks I weighed myself – an unbelievably many pounds lighter! I could already fit into the skinny jeans I wore before my first pregnancy! And my husband became sexually interested in me again…maybe the fourth child is on the way ;) Now I know how to get back into shape after childbirth – no problem!


I used to be active and looked quite good and fit – until I hit 27. But then the years and hormonal changes took their toll – and I lacked the strength and will power to exercise and diet. I had to buy bigger clothes..and then one size bigger again..Then my friend bought me soluble Black Latte and told me to drink it daily and take lots of water too. I was sceptical, but imagine my surprise when a month later I could fit into my old skinny clothes! And I feel vigorous and energetic, and my skin looks much younger. I don’t know if this is down to Black Latte or just coincidence, but the weighing scales can’t be tricked! I feel 10 years younger! :)



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