Aerflow from snoring: will give you a sweet restful sleep!

Aerflow from snoring: will give you a sweet restful sleep!

Why AERFLOW is more effective compared to other products?

  • The spray takes effect immediately
  • Can be used even with a clogged nose
  • No allergies. Doesn’t cause addiction
  • Fresh breath
  • Restores muscle elasticity in upper respiratory system

Snoring is an endangerment to life!

Aerflow from snoring: will give you a sweet restful sleep!

  1. Stroke
    When you snore, your body receives low dose of oxygen resulting in brain oxygen deficiency which destroys its nerve cells (Neurons). As a possible consequence, stroke may occur.
  2. Heart Failure
    Prolonged snoring leads to hypertension. Apart from that, it could also disrupt the rhythm of heartbeat and potentially cause heart failure.
  3. Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    Obstructive Sleep Apnea happens when breathing temporarily pauses for a minute or more! During occurrence, muscles relax and this may obstruct respiratory system.

AERFLOW, a remedy consisting of natural extracts that cure snoring from the first use!

Aerflow from snoring: will give you a sweet restful sleep!

  • Flax Seed Extract
    heals and restores muscle hydration in rigid larynx and nasal cavities
  • Marshmallow Root Extract
    prevents damage caused by bacteria and viruses
  • Licorice Root Extract
    contains glucose, fructose, and various organic acids with moisterizing properties

AERFLOW Professional opinion

“1 out of 4 adults around the globe experience snoring. Generally this sleeping habit takes a toll on their partners who also need a good rest. The problem is no less serious even for those people who live alone. Snoring can be lethal and endangers life! So the condition has to be taken care of and cured. Nowadays we have the simplest and most immediate remedy to battle this habit – AERFLOW. Users will be able to sleep soundly immediately after the first application. No more annoying sounds of snoring! Moreover, given its natural composition, this product doesn’t cause addiction and is suitable for all users”

Kevin M. Certified Sleep Specialist

What real users say


“My husband and I have tried different methods to cure snoring but to no avail. That’s why at first we underestimated AERFLOW. It turned out that this spray has proven us wrong. It’s the best! Not only did the product completely cure snoring it also healed inflammation. Really marvellous! I recommend it to everyone!”


“I know that not only is snoring an annoyance to those who sleep next to you, but it is can be lethal. So I’d long been looking for a product that could effectively cure snorning until I came across AERFLOW! Now I feel great and my wife can have get her beauty sleep too”


“People started telling me that snoring sounds I made were unbearably loud, like thunderclap, so I decided to search for solutions to cure it. At last I finally chose AERFLOW as recommended by my doctor. It’s user friendly and also convenient. Just double-click on top of the spray and you will sleep soundly throughout the night. No more disturbance!”


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